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Schools are safer when we all work together to identify potential threats and report them to law enforcement. I want to thank the thousands of students, teachers and faculty already joining our mission to protect Florida schools, and ask that anyone who has not yet downloaded the Fortify Florida app, to please take a minute to do this simple task.

Fortify Florida app

2022 - 2023 Required Student Information Update Form

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Dolphin Digest - 1st Quarter 2022-23

Dolphin Digest Beginning Quarter 2 -2022-2023

Dolphin Digest Midpoint Quarter 2-2022-2023

Round Lake Charter Families,

As we look towards the 2023-2024 school year, we currently will not have a transportation (buses) contract with Lake County Schools.  We would appreciate your feedback as we plan accordingly.  Please take a moment to take this brief survey to provide us with data.  We appreciate your support.  

Survey- English

En este momento, la escuela  Round Lake Charter no contratará  el transporte para el año escolar 2023-2024  a través de las escuelas del condado Lake. Agradecemos sus comentarios mientras planificamos nuestro futuro de transporte para nuestros estudiantes.

Survey- Spanish

Round Lake Charter School Administration