Today's Choice for Tomorrow's Future

Middle School Art

A typical day in RLC art classroom will consist of a little bit of everything found in the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards.


Students will:

·       Generate, organize, and conceptualize two dimensional artistic ideas and work.

·       Convey meaning through the presentation of artwork.

·       Analyze, interpret, and perceive the artwork of others and yourself.

·       Develop and refine artistic work for presentation.

·       Interpret meaning in artwork.

·       Synthesize and relate knowledge and personal experiences to art.

·       Relate artistic ideas and works with societal, cultural, and historical context to  

        deepen understanding.

Student Responsibilities

In this class your responsibilities will be as follows:

1)      Attend class and be on time.

2)      Complete project assignments in a timely manner.

3)      Work the entire period every day.

4)      Participate in group activities.

5)      Participate in studio procedures and clean up by following your daily responsibilities.

Grading Policy

Participation = 40%                    Prep Work= 20%                           Projects= 40%

Ÿ Participation is graded on how you use your class time and is a very important part of your overall grade.

Ÿ You will have a studio maintenance grade that starts at a 100%. When you or your table does not participate, your studio maintenance grade will be lowered.

Ÿ Prep Work is preparation work and includes research for projects, journal work, quizzes, worksheets, practice exercises and bell work.

Ÿ Projects have written rubrics that are used as guidelines for grading projects. Work must be turned in with a rubric to receive credit.  5 points may be deducted for each day a project is late.  For longer projects there may be graded progress checks.

Make up Work

It is the student’s responsibility to request work to be made up due to an excused absence.  Please ask for work that was missed immediately upon returning to school.  You will have 3 days to submit missing work due to an excused absence.

Course Outline: (subject to change) 2D Art Class

1)      Intro to 2D art

    a.       Aspects of 2D Art

        i.      Content, technique, style, subject matter

       ii.      2D Art Careers

      iii.      Copyright, appropriation & plagiarism

2)      A common Language for Art

    a.       Elements of Art

    b.       Principles of Art

    c.       Composition and presentation

    d.       Art Criticism

3)      Drawing techniques and media

    a.       Line (contour) drawing via Greek/Roman Art

    b.       Value drawing, via Renaissance artists Michelangelo and Da Vinci.

    c.       Mixed media collage via Cubist artist, Pablo Picasso

4)      Color Theory

    a.       3 properties or color

    b.       Color wheel

    c.       Color Schemes

    d.       Painting techniques and media via Impressionist artist Claude Monet

    e.       Additional studies of Surrealism and Pop Art

5)      Printmaking

6)      Perspective



Course Outline: (subject to change) 3D Art Class

1)      Intro to 3D art

    a.       Aspects of 3D Art

       i.      Content, technique, style, subject matter

      ii.      Art Careers

     iii.      Copyright, appropriation & plagiarism

2)      A common Language for Art

    a.       Elements of Art

    b.       Principles of Art

    c.       Presentation

    d.       Art Criticism

3)      Sculpture Techniques and Media

    a.       Sculpture Techniques- Carving, Casting, Modeling, Assembling

    b.       Relief, In the Round, Armature

    c.       Egyptian Art, Greek Art, Renaissance

4)      Color Theory as it applies to sculptures

    a.       Color wheel

    b.       Color Schemes

    c.       Study the work of Alexander Calder and George Segel