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Order of the Dolphins

What is Order of the Dolphin? 

The Order of the Dolphin is RLC's honor society for 4th  and 5th  grade students.   To be eligible, students must receive all Bs or higher  for  three consecutive report card periods.  Students must also exhibit respectful behavior towards adults and peers.  Once a member, if a student’s grade drops below a B or they receive a referral for misbehavior, they are put on probation and have the next quarter to bring up the grade and/or improve behavior.  A student's membership will be revoked if the grade/behavior has not improved within that quarter. The student may regain membership with three consecutive report card periods of Bs or higher along with referral-free behavior.

Are there benefits or privileges for Order of the Dolphin members?

New Order of the Dolphin members are recognized at a special ceremony at the beginning of each school year.  Members that become eligible later in the school year are recognized on the school’s TV news program. Each new member receives a Certificate of Membership and a Dolphin membership pin. Continuing members are recognized during the special beginning of the year ceremony. 

All 5th grade members are recognized during the 5th grade promotion ceremony.